About Us

Who we are?

ANATAlogix Inc. specializes in online retail and serves our beloved retail customer on one side and multiple brands, manufactures, and distributors on the other.

Our Mission

Make the best products available to people who need and want them at the right time and place.

Develop and nurture working partnerships with great Brands, Manufacturers and Distributors to facilitate product availability, and incite growth.

Make any interaction with us, be that with our customer or supplier, a highlight of the day.


Our Values

Value First
Responsible Growth

What we can do for you and why work with us?


We work with distributors, brands, and manufacturers individually to forge a flexible partnership that works for both of us and creates value for our customers. 


We communicate and act responsibly.

We respect your rules and restrictions.

We create value by doing the right thing.

Sales Channels

We always pick the best sales channels and marketplaces for your product to facilitate world-class pre-sale and post-sale customers experience and increase your profits.

Marketing and Advertising

We present your product in the most creative and informative way to appeal to the right audience at the right time, the audience that will love it and and buy it again and again. 

Wholesalers and Distributors

If you’re Wholesaler/Distributor looking to increase your sales, we’ll be your best partner, not just a client: courteous, proactive, respectful of your TOS and MAPs and other policies, always accurate, on time and a phone call or email away.

Manufacturers and Brand Owners

If you’re a Manufacturer or Brand Owner looking for better exposure and more sales for your product(s), we will work with you individually to determine the best terms of our partnership and adjust as needed for mutual satisfaction.

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